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A Hirer of the Addison Centre and its facilities must be over the age of eighteen (18) years, proof of which may be sought.
The   hourly   hiring   charge   and   terms   of   conditions   of   hire   are   subject   to   variation   from   time   to   time.   In   the   event   of   a   revision   following   a   confirmed   booking   but   before   the   date   of   the   event,   the
revised fees and conditions will be applicable.
The hirer (or a designated representative) must remain in the Centre until the end of the function and the hall has been cleared and left in a reasonable state.
A non refundable deposit of £100.00 will be required to confirm each booking.
An   invoice   will   be   sent   45   days   before   the   booked   date,   showing   the   total   hire   charge ,   (including   any   revisions) ,   deposit   paid   and   balance   due. All   outstanding   balances   must   be   paid   45   days   prior   to
the date of the event.
A bond of a minimum of £250.00 which will be banked, is required with the outstanding balances.
This   bond   will   be   fully   refunded   within   20   working   days   of   the   event   provided   that   the   building   and   its   fixtures   and   fittings   have   not   been   damaged   during   the   period   of   hire,   and   on   condition   that   the
building, toilets and kitchen have been left in a reasonable condition and that the Terms and Conditions of hire of the Addison Centre have been adhered to.
A Hirer may cancel a booking upon giving two (2) calendar months notice in writing to the Addison Centre.
For   bookings   that   are   in   excess   of   four   hours   duration,   you   are   allowed   one   hour   foc   before   the   event   for   preparation   and   thirty   (30)   minutes   after   the   event   for   cleaning   purposes   etc.   This   will facilitate   the   removal   of   food   and   decorations   etc.   Any   extra   time   required   at   the   start   or   the   end   of   a   hire   period   must   be   paid   for   at   the   appropriate   rate   and   as   such   will   be   deducted   from   the retained bond.
If   the   hall,   kitchen,   toilets   or   any   other   part   of   the   building   to   which   the   Hirer   has   access   have   been   left,   in   an   unacceptable   condition,   an   additional   charge   will   be   made.   This   charge   will   be
recovered from the Hirers Bond. SEE ADDENDUM
The   Hirer   shall   be   responsible   for   any   damage   to   the   building,   hall,   kitchen,   toilets   or   any   other   part   of   the   building   to   which   the   Hirer   has   access.   Likewise   to   any   equipment   owned   by   the Addison
Centre and used by the Hirer.
The   Hirer   shall   indemnify   the   Addison   Centre,   its   employees,   and   the   Committee   against   any   claims   by   third   parties   and   subsequent   Hirers   for   damage   or   loss   arising   from   the   Hirer’s   use   of   the
Addison Centre.
The Hirer shall accept any approved assessment, or provide an approved independent assessment, and settle the sum agreed within fourteen (14) days.
If,   in   the   opinion   of   the   Hall   Manager,   a   nominated   responsible   employee   or   an   authorised   officer   of   the   Committee,   the   attendance   of   any   of   the   emergency   services   is   necessary   during   any   period
of the hire, then the Hirer will be required to pay for any attendance fees, if demanded.
The Hirer shall only use the Addison Centre for the purpose stated on the booking confirmation.
If   the   Hall   is   used   for   any   other   purpose,   or   if   it   appears   that   a   material   omission   has   been   made,   or   a   mis-statement   made   on   the   hiring   application   form,   the   Hall   Manager,   a   nominated   responsible
employee   or   an   authorised   officer   of   the   Committee,   may   immediately   terminate   the   hire.   The   Hirer   shall   indemnify   the   above   against   any   claim   arising   as   a   result   of   such   an   action   and   the
complete hire charge paid to the Addison Centre by the Hirer shall be forfeit to the Addison Centre.
A   booking   deposit   implies   that   these   Terms   and   Conditions   have   been   read   and   understood   and   the   acceptance   of   these   Terms   and   Conditions   of     hiring   the Addison   Centre   is   therefore   deemed   to
be binding on the Hirer.
The Addison   Centre   is   let   with   a   licensed   bar   therefore   all   alcoholic   and   non-alcoholic,   i.e.   soft   drinks,   must   be   purchased   at   the   bar   by   any   hirer   or   their   guests.   Non   bar   purchased   drinks   are   not
allowed on the premises.
Intoxicating liquor shall not be sold or supplied at any time to minors for consumption either on or off the premises. Proof of age will be demanded.
Caterers are not permitted to supply wines and/or reception drinks as part of their catering package agreement with hirers.
The bar will close 30 mins before the end of your function.
WEDDING/EVENT PLANNERS - If a wedding/event organiser is involved with your event you are required to sanction any decisions/instructions you make with your planner and then pass onto
Addison Centre staff. Addison staff cannot be held responsible for misinformation being given. The whole onus of the booking is upon the person who signs the contract of hire and not with the
event planner.
Is not permitted in the Centre in accordance with government legislation
Betting   games,   lotteries   or   draws,   which   includes   playing   bingo,   shall   not   be   carried   on   or   allowed   within   the   premises.   However,   if   successful   application   has   been   granted   by   the   Betting   Gaming
and Lotteries Acts, gaming will only be allowed if the provisions of all the Acts are complied with in all respects. Proof of successful application will be required.
When   the   Hall   is   hired   for   the   purposes   of   seating   arrangements   where   the   only   seating   is   a   single   row   around   the   walls   of   the   Hall,   the   Hirer   must   ensure   that   the   maximum   number   of   persons   in
the Hall at any time does not exceed 400 . The provision of further chairs and tables will reduce this number.
In   a   theatre   presentation   configuration,   there   must   be   a   minimum   of   twelve   (12)   inches   between   the   back   of   the   seat   in   the   row   in   front   and   the   front   of   the   next   row   of   seats. The   seats   are   in   rows   of
not more than twelve (12) chairs.
All gangways and passages must be kept free from obstruction. Chairs, tables and other objects must not be placed in gangways or in front of exits.
A   gangway   of   at   least   one   (1)   metre   must   be   provided   each   side   of   the   hall   in   a   theatre   style   configuration.   Likewise,   there   must   be   a   minimum   of   one   (1)   metre   between   the   front   row   of   seating   and
the stage or any equipment that forms part of the production/presentation.
The   Committee   or   its   designated   representative   reserve   the   right   to   specify   the   maximum   number   of   persons   that   may   be   admitted   to   or   be   allowed   to   remain   in   the   hall   for   a   particular   function
layout of tables.
The   Committee   and/or   its   designated   representative   are   to   ensure   that   any   hall   table   plan   complies   with   current   Health   and   Safety   regulations.   The   Hirer   must   comply   with   instructions   regarding
seating and keep all exits clear, both internal and external.
All Portable electrical appliances brought into the Centre to be used by a hirer and/or their agent are checked by Addison Centre staff to verify current certification to comply with KCA Insurance
Policy conditions.
The Hirers disco/karaoke/entertainment provider must be asked to confirm that they have complied with the terms and conditions of hire of The Addison Centre. Verification of current certification
regarding the Portable Appliances should be made available for inspection by Addison Centre staff on the occasion of your hiring.
If an appliance is found to be lacking in current certification, then that particular item cannot be connected to the mains electrical supply here at the Addison Centre, either directly or indirectly via an
extension lead.
Failure to ensure compliance to this requirement will mean that we will be in breach of our policy terms and conditions and therefore without insurance cover. Spot checks may be carried out by our
insurers to ensure that the Addison Centre is complying with the terms of our policy.
The use of naked flames, e.g. candelabras, tea lights, indoor firework, sparklers, explosives, combustible materials, e.g. gases etc is strictly prohibited.
May be used at the discretion of the Hall Manager/Addison Centre staff subject to the following :-
All   electrical   equipment   brought   into   the   Hall   for   use   by   the   Hirer   or   their   agent(s)   should   be   tested   and   certificated   ( Portable   Appliance   Test)   as   fit   for   use.   It   is   the   responsibility   of   the   Hirer   to
ensure that this is so. The Hall Manager/Addison Centre staff is empowered to see that this requirement is complied with.
All   sound   equipment   must   be   on   the   stage   in   compliance   with   Health   and   Safety   guidelines.   Static   performers,   e.g.   keyboard   players   etc.   are   not   permitted   to   set   up   nor   perform   on   the   main   hall
floor. The stage must be used by all performers. Sound speakers are not to be placed on the floor of the Hall during a performance. NOISE To avoid causing noise nuisance to local residents, sound levels in the hall should be kept to an acceptable level. A sound limiter is fitted in the hall in compliance with Health and Safety rules and legislation and equipment must be connected via the designated power sockets. CONFETTI The use of paper-based confetti is not permitted in or outside the Centre . Likewise, the use of powder, talcum powder, chalk, Fullers Earth etc within the building is prohibited. LEGAL HOURS Are in accordance with the Premises Licence granted by the Bedford Borough Council. The bar must close at least thirty (30) minutes before the end of the function. CAR PARKING It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all cars are parked in a proper manner in the marked spaces. Vehicles must not be parked on the paved or grassed areas adjoining the building or the approach road. Ordinarily, the car-park is not suitable for the parking of buses or coaches. The Addison Centre cannot be held responsible for vehicles and their contents using the car park. A Hirer may not sub-let any part of the building or car park . Please note that the Addison Centre cannot be held responsible for the use of the car park by others not attending an event at the Centre. Building exits must not be obstructed by vehicles incorrectly parked. Parking of vehicles adjacent to the building causing obstruction to the emergency exits and access stairs is not permitted. CLOSED CICRUIT TELEVISION EQUIPMENT (CCTV) Is installed internally and externally at The Addison Centrefor security purposes. Acceptance of these terms and conditions of hire implies an acceptance by the hirer of agreement of the retention of any recorded images . These images will be retained for an unspecified time and may be used by the appropriate relevant authorities should there be a need. These stored images are for use by the Addison Centre for security purposes only and will not be supplied to any outside agency, other than the previously mentioned relevant authorities. GENERAL The Hirer is responsible for maintaining good order within the premises at all times and to ensure that the regulations are complied with. If required, the Hirer will provide a sufficient number of Stewards. Children must be supervised when in the building. The Hirer or his representative should be present in the premises for the duration of the hire period. At all public functions, the named Hirer must ensure that at least two (2) Stewards are to be in attendance. The Hall Manager, a nominated responsible employee or an authorised officer of the Committee is empowered to see that these regulations are observed and to act to ensure the safety of the occupants of the premises and the premises itself. The Hirer will comply with the instructions of any of the aforementioned people to ensure that the above terms and conditions are observed. The responsible person present for the Addison Centre has authority to terminate the booking if the terms of this policy are contravened. Should the Committee be of the opinion that a proposed function is likely to be of an objectionable or undesirable nature they may cancel the booking. In such a case, the hire charge will be refunded. However, the Committee will not be liable to pay compensation to the Hirer arising out of such a cancellation. The Committee of the Addison Centre reserves the right to cancel any booking should an emergency arise making the premises unsuitable for use. In the event of the Committee cancelling a booking/event for the above reason, then booking fees will be repaid. The Hirer must observe all statutory regulations and conditions prescribed by the Licensing authority. In case of any breakdown or accident whatsoever, rendering necessary the temporary closure of the Hall or an interruption of any repairs or renewals consequent on any such breakdown or accident, there will not be any compensation payable to anyone for any loss. KCA will not be liable for essential services beyond their control in the event of failure. [eg Gas/Electricity/Water/Sewage]
KCA   shall   not   be   liable   for   any   failure   of   or   delay   in   the   performance   of   this   Agreement   for   the   period   that   such   failure   or   delay   is   due   to   causes   beyond   its   reasonable   control,   including   but   not
limited to acts of God, war, strikes or labour disputes, embargoes, government orders or any other force majeure event. DATA PROTECTION- It is our policy not to share your data with anyone except where legally appropriate. A copy of our Data Protection Policy is available upon request. DISCLAIMER The Committee’s decision as to the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall be final . The Committee reserve the right to refuse any hiring application without stating the reasons for the refusal. ADDENDUM to ADDISON TERMS & CONDITIONS of HIRE HALL CLEANLINESS TABLE[S] MUST NOT OBSTRUCT THE DOOR TO BAR/OFFICE nor EMERGENCY EXITS KITCHEN TO BE CLEANED with SURFACES & SINKS WIPED AND FLOOR MOPPED. If COOKERS ARE USED THEY MUST BE LEFT IN A CLEAN STATE. KTICHEN WASTE MUST BE PLACED IN BLACK BAGS with RECYCLED into ORANGE BAGS CATERING EQUIPMENT ETC SHOULD NOT BE LEFT OVERNIGHT UNLESS BY PRIOR ARRANGEMENT DAMAGE OR ADDITIONAL CLEANING [INCLUDING TOILETS] WILL BE CHARGED AND DEDUCTED FROM THE HIRERS BOND IN PRINCIPLE THE HALL SHOULD BE LEFT IN A STATE YOU WOULD WISH TO FIND IT IN EXTRA CHARGES COLOURED LIGHTING PROJECTOR/SCREEN MICS KITCHEN OTHER ROOMS URNS
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